Graduate profile

BA programmes

Our graduates have achieved the level C1 in their studied languages (Spanish, Italian, French or Portuguese), they also speak English (at least B2+) and have general knowledge about other Romance language (level B1).

A BA programme graduate is prepared to use the studied language on a daily basis, he/she is familiar with its literature, history of the studied language area, phonetics, morphology and syntax of the studied language. He/she can also benefit from large knowledge about humanities in general. Our graduates can work at embassies, in newspaper, TV or radio, in a publishing house or in tourism. They are also prepared to continue in the MA programme.

MA programmes

Our MA graduates have the level C2 in their studied language, they understand its position among other Romance languages, they can theoretically analyse systemic differences between Czech and the studied language. They have a deep insight into the theory of literature and associated disciplines. They are prepared to work as translators, teachers at secondary schools, editors in newspaper and media, employees at embassies or travel agencies. Our MA graduates are prepared to continue in the Ph.D. programme Romance Languages or Romance Literatures.

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