BA and MA programme (characteristics)

The Department of Romance studies is divided into 4 sections: French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. We offer both BA and MA programme for each language.

In BA programmes, we concentrate on practical language (our graduates have level C1 in their studied language), on the major theoretical linguistic disciplines (phonetics, morphology and syntax of the studied language) and on the history of literature written in French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese. Students are also introduced to general linguistics and theory of literature. Our main courses are accompanied by a wide range of non-obligatory courses that offer our students a possibility to expand their knowledge in selected areas. Our students also study second Romance language and improve in English.

The MA programme concentrates on deepening students’ knowledge of literature(s) written in the studied language and on complex linguistic problems associated to the selected Romance language (in contrast with Czech and other Romance languages). In the MA programme, students master the studied language (achieving the level C2 by the end of the programme), they are introduced into new linguistic disciplines (such as lexicology or phraseology). Their knowledge of the history of literature and theory of literature is expanded in specialized courses that concentrate on the philosophy of literature, on selected authors and genres.

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